Unity3D for iOS: Etcetera plugin, “error CS0103: The name `EtceteraBinding’ does not exist in the current context””

"Assets/Plugins/Etcetera/testSupport/EtceteraGUIManager.cs(38,38): error CS0103: The name `EtceteraBinding' does not exist in the current context"

The error poped up from this line inside EtceteraGUIManager.cs’s Start() method (Line 11):

EtceteraBinding.setPopoverPoint( 500, 200 );

The solution turned out to be simple: I forgot to set the project to the iOS Platform. Go to File > Build Settings, choose iOS and click Switch Platform.

If you open the EtceteraBinding.cs class in MonoDevelop (/Plugins/EtceteraBinding/EtceteraBinding.cs) before you switch your project to target iOS, you’ll notice that much of the code is grayed out. That’s because the entire class is enclosed in iOS Preprocessor Statements like #if…#endif:


Once you switch your platform in Build Settings, the code inside the #if will have normal highlighting and the above error will go away.